Date Speaker Institution Title Faculty Host
Sept. 7  Rick Portman University of Tulsa Safety Film  
 Sept. 14 Eun-Soo Han University of Tulsa Anti-aging mechanisms of calorie restriction  
 Sept. 28  Lea Spyres  University of Tulsa Chimeric Toxins Act as Intracellular Inhibitors of
Large Clostridial Toxins
 Oct. 5 Charles Brown University of Tulsa Ecology and Evolution of Buggy Creek Virus in theWestern Great Plains
 Oct. 12  Andrea Kirkwood University of Calgary   Didymosphenia geminata (aka "rock snot"): an emerging invasive species that challenges conventional views on algal bloom development  Mark Buchheim
Oct. 19  Kenneth Kozak  University of Minnesota's Bell
Merging historical biogeography and spatial ecology  Ron Bonett
Oct. 26  Garry Sunter  University of Texas at
San Antonio 
Interaction of a Viral Pathogen with Host Metabolic Pathways  Akhtar Ali
Nov. 2   Matt Lovern  Oklahoma State University Maternal effects via yolk steroids: exploring the
environment-mother-offspring link
 Peggy Hill
 Nov. 9  Charles Abramson  Oklahoma State University    Harrington Wells
 Nov. 16  Brett McKinney University of Albama
Medical School
   Charles Brown
Nov. 23   THANKSGIVING      
Nov. 30        
Seminars are held in Oliphant Hall Rm 300 unless otherwise specified. Seminar Co-ordinator: Dr.Charles Brown
Biology seminars are free and open to all
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