Mark Buchheim

-B.A., Wartburg College
-M.S., Iowa State University
-Ph.D., The University of Illinois (Urbana)

Office: 312 Oliphant Hall
Phone: (918) 631-3833

Research Interests:
My current research interests are focused on the reconstruction of phylogeny of the genus Chlamydomonas and its allies (including Carteria, Haematococcus, Chloromonas, and Chlorococcum). In addition, I am studying the enigmatic group of green algae known as the Sphaeropleaceae. As a consequence of my diverse green algal interests, I remain interested in reconstructing the phylogeny of the "big picture" for the Chlorophyceae, in particular, and the Chlorophyta, in general. Analyses of nuclear-encoded ribosomal RNA gene sequences (18S, 26S and ITS) and chloroplast-encoded rbcL are being used to infer phylogenetic relationships. Lastly, I served as PI and member of the Executive Committee of Deep Green, a USDA/NSF/DOE-funded project (1994-2000) involving the coordination of research effort in green plant phylogeny (i.e., the study of phylogenetic relationships among the major green algal and embryophyte lineages).

I am currently working to develop both funding and outreach for
deepestgreen, a coordinated research effort for the phylogenetic investigation of the Chlorophyta. The Chlorophyta is one of two branches of the Viridiplantae (Green Plant) lineage. The Chlorophyta includes extant members that possess a fossil record that extends back into the Precambrian.

Teaching Fields:

  • Biol 1604-Biological Diversity
  • Biol 3314-Fungi and Algae
  • Biol 3524-Plant Systematics
  • Biol 3504-Higher Plants 

Selected Publications:

  • Buchheim, M.A. & Chapman, R.L. 1992. Phylogeny of Carteria (Chlorophyta) inferred from molecular and organismal data. Journal of Phycology 28(3): 362-374.
  • Chapman, R.L. & Buchheim, M.A. 1992. Green algae and the evolution of land plants: Inferences from nuclear-encoded rRNA gene sequences. BioSystems 28:127-137.
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  • Caton, T. M. Witte, L. R, Ngyuen, H. D., Buchheim, J. A., Buchheim, M. A., & Schneegurt, M.
    A. 2004. Halotolerant Aerobic Heterotrophic Bacteria from the Great Salt Plains of
    Oklahoma. Microbial Ecology 48:449-62. Online:
  • Fawley, M. W., Fawley, K. P. & Buchheim, M. A. 2004. Molecular diversity among communities of freshwater microchlorophytes. Microbial Ecology 48:489-99. Online:
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Senior Scientific Staff:

  • Julie A. Buchheim, Research Associate (M.S. 1987 [The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign])

Research Students and Projects:

  • Tonya Leonard (B.S. 1997): Phylogeny of Heterothallic Chlamydomonad species
  • Kami Rynders (M.S. 1997): Phylogeny of the Chlamydomonadales
  • Jenny Michalopulos (B.S. 1997, M.S. 1998): Phylogeny of the Chlorophyceae
  • Karen Jacobsmeyer (B.S. 1998, Senior Research): Phylogeny of Psychrophilic Chlamydomonad species
  • Joanna Michalopulos (B.S. 2000, TURC, Honors, Senior Research): Phylogeny of the genus Chlorococcum
  • Andrew Moreland (B.S. 1999, undergraduate student, Honors, Senior Research): Phylogeny of the Tetrasporales.
  • Wei Zheng (M.S. 2000): Physiology and Phylogeny of Bacillus.
  • Tracy Carlson (B. S. 2003, TURC, Goldwater Scholar [2002-3]): Phylogeny of the genus Pediastrum (Chlorophyceae).
  • Chrissy Pachnick (B.S. 2003): Phylogeny of the Chlorophyta: A Study of the rbcL Gene.
  • Mariah Veit (B.S. 2005): Diversity of Chlamydomonads at Itasca State Park. * Bindhu Verghese (Ph.D. 2007 [projected): Phylogeny and Molecular Evolution: The Classes Chlorophyceae and Trebouxiophyceae

Other Responsibilities:

  • Member, Departmental Undergraduate Committee
  • Coordinator, TURC-Biology