Akhtar Ali
-Ph.D., The University of Adelaide
-M.Sc (Hons)., Uni. of Agric. Peshawar
-B.Sc (Hons)., Uni. of Agric. Peshawar

Office: N106 Oliphant Hall
Phone: (918) 631-2018

Research Interests:

  • Ecology and epidemiology of plant viruses
  • Quasispecies variation and genetic bottlenecks
  • Determining the causes of virus-like diseases
  • Molecular and biological characterization of viruses
  • Studies of interactions between viruses and vectors

Teaching Fields:

  • Biol 7253-Graduate seminar
  • Biol 4123 & 6823-Introduction to the Biology of Viruses

Selected Publications:

  • Ali, A. and Marilyn J. Roossinck. (2007). Rapid and efficient purification of Cowpea chlorotic mottle virus by sucrose cushion ultracentrifugation. Journal of Virological Methods, 141: 84–86.

  • Ali, A., A. Reddall, J. Roberts, L. J. Wilson and M. A. Rezaian (2007).Cytopathology, Mode of Aphid Transmission and Search for the Casual Agent of Cotton Bunchy Top Disease. Journal of Phytopathology, 155: 220–227.

  • Ali, A., Hongye Li, William L. Schneider, Diana J. Sherman, Stewart Gray,Dawn Smith, and Marilyn J. Roossinck (2006) Analysis of Genetic Bottlenecks during Horizontal Transmission of Cucumber Mosaic Virus. Journal of Virology, 80: 8345–8350.

  • Reddall, A. A., Ali, A., Able, J. A., Stonor, J., Tesoriero, L. Wright, P. R., Rezaian, M. A. and Wilson, L. J. (2004). Cotton bunchy top (CBT): an aphid and graft transmitted cotton syndrom. Australian Plant Pathology, 33: 197-202.

  • Ali, A., Hassan S and Asad, A. (2002). Incidence of six viruses in spring, summer and autumn potato crop of North West Frontier Province of Pakistan Australasian Plant Pathology, 31: 143-146.

  • Ali, A and Hassan, S. (2002). Viruses infecting winter grown tomato crops in the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan. Australian Journal of Agriculture Research, 53: 333-338.

  • Ali, A., Kanematsu, S., Terauchi, H., Honda, K. and Ishiguro K. (2001). Genetic diversity in the coat protein genes of soybean dwarf virus isolates collected in Japan. Phytopathology 91: 6.

  • Ali, A., and Randles, J. W. (2001). Genomic heterogeneity in pea seed borne mosaic virus isolates from Pakistan, the centre of diversity of the host species Pisum sativumArchives of Virology, 146: 1855-1870

  • Ali, A., and Randles, J. W. (1998). The effects of two pathotypes of pea seed-borne mosaic potyvirus on the morphology and yield of pea. Australasian Plant Pathology, 27: 226-223.

  • Ali, A., Randles, J. W. and Hodgson, R. A. J. (1998). Sensitive detection of pea seed-borne mosaic potyvirus by dot blot and tissue print hybridization assays. Australian Journal of Agriculture Research, 49: 191-198.

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